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A new era of space

The facts

The global space industry is worth 546 billion USD, and growing.

There are 90 nations operating in space, including Aotearoa New Zealand.


Globally, 2,664 new spacecraft were placed into Earth's orbit in 2023, and 20,000 more will be added by 2030.

Growth is driven by demand for satellite data applications: broadband internet, Earth observation, and national security.

This means more physical and digital infrastructure on Earth and in space. 

Our mission




Preservation of our terrestrial and space environments


Maximise benefits of space technology for society and the environment

Sustainable development of the commercial space sector

We advocate for space as a global commons, and align our work with the United Nations' Guidelines for the Long-term Sustainability of Outer Space Activities.
The demand for satellite
data-as-a-service means there will be more objects in orbit, like rocket bodies and discarded satellites
People under beautiful milky way in New Zealand_edited.jpg

Developing an evidence base

Our team focus on systems thinking and transdisciplinary approaches to sustainability in and for space.


We analyse signals of change triggered by new developments in economics, environmental science and social movements. 


We develop models for the economic, environmental and social impact of space missions, using lifecycle assessment methods, stakeholder engagement and policy frameworks.

Innovation in sustainability

We collaborate with experts from different disciplines and knowledge systems, for example, engineering, policy,  urban planning, business, sociology, environmental and marine science to develop new models of sustainable development.


These models prioritise environmental and social dimensions, heralding a new era of inclusive innovation while increasing social license and reducing risk for space businesses. 

Education and outreach

We believe that education and outreach are essential to embedding environmental values into the space sector.


Our team is committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise with the wider community and inspiring the next generation of space environmentalists across a range of disciplines.

Our Work

Our Team

We are a collective of multidisciplinary experts who are passionate about environmental justice on Earth and in space.  

Postgraduate researchers

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